Friday, July 11, 2014

Dirty world

Mission control tower was the highest thing on the horizon, broken on the height of its two thirds, it bended down like a candle that some violent force broken fast enough before the heat of that force started to melt it. Some of its parts were hanging from the top, some of them hanging on wires, while some were plain ripped and stretched from its original positions, quietly swinging in the atmosphere with the smoke of the atmosphere making just an illusion of movement, cause if you would be still long enough to concentrate on it, you could see that there is no movement at all. All the details defying gravity were there long enough just to settle in their position, not disturbed by any other force at all, for some time as it seemed, so the picture of the tower was its new juxtaposition, its new form, and there wasn't anyone or anything that will change that soon. It almost seemed like something that was formed on purpose, as an art object from a pile of scrap, without any noticeable message except the one that will show opposition to gravity, purpose or visual  

Not that anything around showed any purpose at all, the roots of tower were remains of a long square building, not anymore recognizable unless you knew how the buildings of the old world looked, here you would have whats left of tent in the best case there is, no matter it was really huge airport building once, now turned into maze of crumbled walls with roofs pressed in between them like its nothing more but a loosely thrown on canvas waiting for something to pull and stretch it and blow away the dirt and crumbles of concrete that fell off the leaning tower that bent over it. And everywhere around, fields of undisturbed dust, like a great monotone mandala, whispered of character of all possible world around...

There was nothing sheltering about that sky above, but nothing threatening also, it was faceless, same as a dirt on the ground, but embedded forever in its place, with no impulse that anything will ever change it. It was picture that simply denounced existence of universe behind it.